About 75 years United Nations

75 years ago the Netherlands was liberated. In that same year the United Nations was founded. International solidarity and working together for peace and security are important founding principles of the UN. On 24 October 2020 we will pause to reflect on the importance of these principles and the role played by the UN. And the role played by everybody over the past 75 years, and today, and tomorrow.

We reflect on 75 years of the UN through 75 personal stories. Each story brings to life efforts to create peace and security, or acts of humanity and international solidarity. 75 impressive testimonies that leave a lasting impression.

The pandemic affecting people all over the world shows just how internationally connected we are, and how the smallest act of solidarity and humanity can make a big difference. This is also beautifully depicted in the exhibition ‘75 Years UN in 75 Stories', running from 17 October to 29 November at the Lange Voorhout in The Hague.